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Price Guide

Please bear in mind that prices stated below reflect a starting price and are a guide only. Every wedding we create is bespoke to each couple as we select certain flower varieties and materials to compliment their chosen style and colour palette.

We have a £1,500 minimum spend.

To book a consultation, please head over to the wedding enquiry form here.


Bridal Party

Bridal Bouquet - From £130

Teardrop Bouquet - From £175

Wired Shower/Cascade Bouquet - From £220

Bridesmaids Bouquets - From £80

Flower Girl Posy - From £40

Adult Flower Crown - From £50

Child's Flower Crown - From £30

Buttonholes - From £12

Ladies Lapel Corsage - From £15

Wrist Corsage - From £25

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Large Milk Churn Pedestal - From £200

Large Statement Urn Pedestal - From £300

Pew/Chair Ends - From £20

Meadow/Aisle Flowers - From £70

Ceremony Table Arrangement - From £175

Arch Dressing Half/Full - From £400/£800

Arbour/Pagoda Dressing: Top/Full - From £275/£700

Moongate Dressing: Accents/Foliage/Flower

- From £350/£700/£1,000

Floral Columns - From £900



Small Table Flowers - From £40

(e.g. mismatched jars/vases)

Medium Table Flowers - From £90

(e.g. footed bowls, hurricane vase rings)

Tall Table Flowers - From £150

(e.g. conical vases of flowers)

Luxury Statement Table Flowers - From £200

(e.g. large conical vase arrangements, tall metal stands)

Table/Venue Garlanding - From £20 per foot

Cake Flowers - From £40

Floral Installations - P.O.A.

Additional Costs

Alongside the price of your flowers, there are costs for delivery, set up and clear down services, which will be charged at an hourly rate and stated on your proposal. Delivery is based on mileage from our workshop to the required location(s) with the return journey back. Set up may also be required the day before the wedding.

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